Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alabummer-FINAL EDITION!!!

Bonks. I'm the worst blogger ever, aren't I? I just up took a little break-skie with no warning or 'splanation? What kind of person DOES that!?

I'm sorry. I am. Geo made a quick trip into town this weekend and all my non-wedding priorities flew out the window. Blog? What's that? I hammered him with chore after chore in between actual chores and still felt like I hadn't done much when he flew back to 'bummer this afternoon.

But it was kind of a turning point, you guys. Today was the last time I would be tasked with bringing him to the airport only to send him back to the dirty South. It's the homestretch, y'all! He'll be back for good the next time he's back! Wooo! On the way to the airport, I casually mentioned to Geo how different this car trip was compared with the first time in 2011 when he packed up to leave. Spoiler: Much less crying. But there were other differences, too. Allow me to elaborate:

2011 Pharon: Steaming hot pile of mess. The air conditioning in Claire's spare room hadn't kicked up to full speed yet and between the sweating and crying, I was severely dehydrated.
2013 Pharon: Freezing cold pile of less of a mess. I've been shaking my fist and cursing Mother Nature for about 2 weeks now because of the deep freeze she's thrown us into indefinitely. It's frickin' cold. I wanted to go with Geo just for a little relief from the ice.

2011 Pharon: I was really convinced that if I could keep unpacking stuff from Geo's bags, he couldn't leave.
2013 Pharon: Geo kept telling me he was leaving stuff here because he doesn't need it for the next couple months. I explained that I didn't really have the space for it and tried to shove it back in his bag.

2011 Pharon: I cried for probably three days before Geo was supposed to pack up his car and leave.
2013 Pharon: Three days ago, I was complaining about how annoying it was that Geo and I had to share a car this weekend.

2011 Pharon: Before he left, Geo tried to stop my sobbing by engaging me in a game of Angry Birds as a distraction and a way to relax together, which kind of became a thing we'd do whenever he was getting ready to go back to 'bummer.
2013 Pharon: Geo had to pry the phone away from me because I was too busy playing Temple Run 2.

2011 Pharon: "Where is this our relationship going? What is going to happen next? Will we make it through this?"
2013 Pharon: "Wedding. Wedding. Wedding."

2011 Pharon: After Geo left the first time, I went crawling and sobbing back to my parents' house. I cried and cried. My mom and sister made me leave the house long enough to get a glass of wine and try to chillax. I cried some more in public and wore sunglasses indoors until 3 hours later when they could finally cheer me up.
2013 Pharon: After dropping Geo off, I went straight to the gym. (Not because I wanted to, BTW.) I cried, of course, because I always miss him, but part of me thinks the tears were more for the fact that I had to go to the gym.

The point is that a lot has changed since this post back in 2011. The biggest change, though? I wasn't so sure long-distance relationships could work back then. Today, I'm sure they can.

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JessiferSeabs said...

I am so very very very very happy for you, Pharon. Really. This whole post made me smile.