Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Winner

This Wednesday’s Winner is a toughie. I was stressed out all week, and I was just not a happy camper most days. I was not a fun person to be with. Geo did the best he could, and my girl friends gave 110%, but not even the proposition of a Happy Hour with Lana and Valerie could save my sour week, and Happy Hours ALWAYS cheer me up. Anyway, so I decided that this week, my Wednesday Winner is:

Yes people, my couch. My couch and I had a pretty steamy affair this week. We were inseparable. We ate together, we took a nap together, and Couch didn’t judge me when I watched a Lifetime movie marathon. I spilled some pink Crystal Light on it, and it washed right off. It was so forgiving.

This couch is an awesome couch. I bought it, along with it’s loveseat partner, 4 years ago with Perek and Mitch. We actually went shopping and picked them out together. Our first big decision as roommates, and it was a huge success. While I’m not exactly stoked about the taupe-y, brownie color, it’s stayed in excellent condition. Tens of thousands of houseguests have crashed on the couches, and still they hold their form. That reliability really came in handy this week.

So, Couch and I have been pretty tight this week. We’ve rekindled the love we haven’t shared since my pounding headache on New Years Day. Couch has seen me on my worst days. This week, it supported me when I kicked my stilettos off after work and plopped my feet up on it’s cushiony goodness, and held me up during the rough Vikings game.

It’s all I can think about at work, sometimes. Coming home after a very long, rough day at work and seeing that lovely Couch Face just made me smile this week. The pillows said to me “Come, Pharon, lay down your head and let me hear about your day.” The blanket asked me “What can I do to make you comfortable? I’ll go anywhere you want me to go.“ And the cushions whispered, “Oh, Pharon, I love you. You’re the best. Have you lost weight? You feel like you’ve lost weight. It doesn’t matter, though. I’ll love you no matter what.” What a great friend Couch has been to me.

However, as difficult as it may be, I am realizing that I may need to take a little break from Couch. I’ve become too dependent. We’re becoming “that couple” who do everything together, and are rarely without one another. Sure it’s nice to have that one thing that you can really rely on, but one of these days, I’ll need to stand on my own two feet. But because of all it’s help and the time we spent together this week, I declare My Couch the Wednesday Winner. This week, there IS a prize. I have every intention of cleaning and vacuuming it after all it’s hard work. Who knows? Maybe I’ll buy it some new pillows to spruce it up. Well, as long as the pillows are super comfortable, and know what they’re in for.

Congrats, Couch!


sarahabt said...

all I can HYSTERICAL..I am laughing out loud...because my couch is my best friend too!! GREAT BLOG!!!

Grandmaman said...

Really, really great blog. That couch gets my vote for the winner of the week! A true friend!

cindi said...

OH ! That WAS a great laugh Pharon !!! Soooooo true true !

LanaMadonna7 said...

We should plan a hh with your couch soon. She sounds almost as awesome as I remember, but she's become that friend I like almost never see.
Who knew playing Lean On Me and September simultaneously would still work! in a weird, yet profound way...