Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rainbows and Unicorns and Ice Cream!

When I woke up this morning, birds may as well have flown into my room and helped me get dressed. A deer could have poked its little venison-y head into my window and served me my coffee. It’s one of those days, people. A Disney fairy land. All was right in the world today. One of those days when I didn’t want to slump home and just eat my feelings.

I’ve basically been skating by all day in a haze of anticipation and positivity. Tonight: NFL starts. (Skol Vikes!). Tomorrow: I’ll be in Iowa City with my best girl friends for the Iowa Hawkeye game (On, Iowa!). Every annoyance, every stressful situation, everything between this morning and tomorrow is but a blip on my rose-colored radar. I can’t be fazed. “Pharon, is this a good time to tell you a long, boring story about a tree stump?” Absolutely!

It all comes down to perspective. I forgot to bring my lunch to work, and instead of running madly to Subway and back, I strolled briskly through the crisp fall air, smelled the aromas of the Farmer’s Market, and cared not when BOTH my iPod ear buds malfunctioned and shut down completely. I saw what I usually would have assumed to be a drug deal in broad daylight, but today I decided one man was giving the other man money for his help with cleaning his gutters. And during a particularly irritating conversation at work today, I zoned out and daydreamed about what a ray of sunshine would smell like.

After determining that a ray of sunshine would smell cinnamony, but taste like lemon cotton candy, I closed up shop and headed home, satisfied. I almost made myself sick with how much I was in love with the weather. Just chilly enough to wear my new coat! What an incredibly wonderful time of year! Wait, is that…? Yes! It’s a strip club flyer just blowing effortlessly through the prickly breeze! Look at how beautifully it bops around!

It’s saccharine gooeyness, I know. I’m on the verge of grossing myself out. And the proverbial cherry on top was when Madeline sent me a link to a Tumblr blog called the pursuit of happyness (typo on purpose). Basically it’s a blog full of inspirational quotes, sappy cutesy pictures, and hopeful insights for hard times and tough lessons. I spent waaaaaay too much time on that blog. I leaned my chin on my left hand and smiled continuously as I scrolled through cheesy post after cheesy post.

Yup, all is right in the world folks. I’m coasting through the day on the wings of an animated toucan through a city made of rubies. Now, if only that deer would poke its head in my front door and serve me a beer…

Have a great weekend, everyone!


grandmaman said...

My goodness,you have such unusual descriptions! "animated TOUCAN" "city made of rubies" "lemony cotton candy"

Madeline said...

I read 65 pages of that blog yesterday...and I'm trying to restrain myself from starting on page 66 today...