Monday, September 27, 2010

Boresville (Population: 1)

So bored. So, so, so very bored. I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting here, doing nothing, but it’s been awhile. I don’t have the TV on (nothing’s on), I think I’ve reached the end of the Internet and therefore have nothing else to look at, and I just don’t have anything I have to do tonight. So I’m just, like, sitting here. For 5 minutes straight, I thought about Smurfs and how awesome they are. I smurfin’ love the Smurfs. Then I just sat here. Not doing ANYthing. Not thinking about ANYthing.

I can’t remember the last time I actually felt truly BORED. When I was a kid, my friend (and next door neighbor) Claire and I were ALWAYS “bored”. We’d walk into the kitchen and ask my mom “What can we doooooo? We are so booooored!” She’d shoot off a half dozen ideas, none of which were quite right for us, and Claire and I would go back to moping until we’d eventually decide on a half-hearted fashion show. It was always either a fashion show or Restaurant. Both games enabled us to dress up and speak with a French accent. We’d go over and over and over the set-up before we even got to the actual game. Come to think of it, most of “playing” was just “planning on playing”. We’d work on our costumes, and then discuss our personas for hours. Who do we think should come in to eat? (New Kids on the Block.) What are we serving? (Chocolate cake and Goldfish.) Who gets to have the boyfriend? (I do.) By the time we set up all the rules, I had to go back home and clean my room.

Perek and I used to play Bank when we were bored. We’d get the thermoses from our lunch boxes, put Monopoly money in them and roll them back-and-forth across the floor while we laid underneath the twin beds in my room. That, or we’d play Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega and make up words to the instrumental songs on each level. We still remember some of the words. We were that cool. And if there was no one else to play with, I’d spend my days spying on my sisters or thinking of new ways to style my bowl cut.

The point is, I was always bored as kid, but had like a zillion things I could pretend to do. Now that I can actually do all the things in real life that I used to pretend I was doing, I don’t do it. Turns out? Going to the bank is not as much fun as it was with the thermoses. Then, at a certain point, boredom turns into “relaxation”. Sitting around with no plans, no chores, no place I have to rush off to is a luxury. I don't call my mom up and ask what I should do. I sit quietly and pray my phone doesn't ring. With that logic, I didn’t have a boring weekend, I had a relaxing weekend.

But right now? Right now, I’m definitely bored. And like the suggestions my mom would give us in the kitchen, nothing that I can do seems like any fun at all. Although, I kind of want to call someone and see if they want to play Fashion Show with me. Come on over, and we’ll dress up in all my ugly clothes and take Polaroids with our Barbies. I think THAT sounds fun.

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