Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Winner

Well, you knew the time was coming. You knew, in your heart of hearts, that I couldn’t give you a shallow, self-serving Wednesday Winner every week, didn’t you? The time has come, dear friends and faithful readers, to reveal that this week, the Wednesday Winner is someone who is actually a person, and actually someone I hung out with this week.

That up there, ladies and germs, is my mom, Martha. On first glance, I know you thought, “Wait, you hung out with Sally Field this week, Pharon?” But no, the striking resemblance my mom bears to the star of such projects as Cybil, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Boniva commercials has not played a part in this week’s selection process.

Now, I don’t know if my mom even reads my blog (FACE! She reads it every single day), but last night, as I was leaving her and Prinna at the mall, she casually yelled over her shoulder, “HEY! Maybe I’ll be the Wednesday Winner this week!” Well Mom, your time has come. And sure, while the fun shopping trip we went on last night was a factor*, it was but one of several reasons you have won this week.

*When we went shopping, my mom “treated me” to a couple things at the mall. One of which was a pair of grey heels. They are even better than the grey shoes I originally drooled over. Yummy.

Keeping in mind that this is a weekly award, I shall limit my reasons to events that transpired in this week alone. I've got all the juicy stuff saved up for a rainy day...

Alright, Reason 1: This week was my parents 39th Anniversary. Say whaaat? That feat alone deserves a pat on the back…or possibly a head examination. How do you keep a marriage together for 39 years? Answer: Be my parents. She got an iPad from my dad for their anniversary. In the spirit of honesty and hilarity, I am inclined to tell you that, well, she hates/is not good at texting. She doesn't use iTunes. And sometimes she gets confused on Facebook (“What’s the difference between Top News and Newsfeed?!”). But, now she’s got an iPad and really loves it. Success!

Reason 2: I love shopping with my mom. And not just because of the above-mentioned perks I get. But typically I can manage to get my mom out of her comfort zone a little bit. This week, instead of buying her 4th go-to pair of brown loafers, she got the cutest pair of Rocket Dog gray flats. She would NEVER have picked them out had she been alone. Historically, I’ve also been (at least partly) responsible for her first pair of Jessica Simpson shoes, and her gorgeous bluish/purpley one-shoulder dress she wore to Perek’s wedding. I like that she actually takes my suggestions sometimes. Other times, of course, she’ll laugh until she’s red in the face while I stand there holding up a bedazzled pair of jean shorts urging her that she totally has the bod for them.

Reason 3: During the planning/execution phases of setting up for my niece’s birthday party at Prinna’s on Monday, my mom just sort of quietly left the room while I abused the feathers and glue sticks. After a little while, I looked up and saw her quietly repainting and reorganizing one of Prinna’s closets. While she may not enjoy harnessing the creative juices that flow out of a glitter pen, she does have a knack for keeping busy and being productive.

Reason 4: When I called her this week, she said answered with “What up?”

Reason 5: Finally, this week my mom wins the prize, because she is hilarious. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not (when ordering a pretzel last night, she said “I don’t like cheese. I’ll have the parmesan pretzel.” Uh….) Also she’s honest with me. I was complaining to her about something life-changing, a ski trip I think, and during my little whine-a-thon, she straight up told me I was not good at taking the high road and that I was being a jerk. Touche, Mother.

So Mom, here’s to you. Thanks for making my week this week. And might I add “I like you! I really like you!”


Caroline........... said...

Oh my..............I loved reading this.........and I have seen all those qualities in action in my couple of last trips. Your mom and dad are terrific, your whole family is!!!!!

grandmaman said...

Needless to say,I agree 1000%.Your mom(MY DAUGHTER)is a winner!

JessiferSeabs said...

I love your mom!!!

And my mom reads my blog too now. which means a much less frequent usage of the f word.

Happy bithday Martha!

(I think 39 years is pretty amazing too).

SARAHABT said...

oh man!! I thought it was going to be all mushy and corny....NOT! I loved the ending~! How clever....soooooooooo clever....I liked it...I really really liked it!! WOW!

sarahabt said...


Anonymous said...

WOW! Should I send Martha a pallet of Kleenex from Costco after reading THAT! HOLY MOLY! Whoever said motherhood was a thankless job! You have me crying!
Pharon Rules!


p.s. I am undercover ( the mob may come after me!) - so I will gladly accept an award to an ANONYMOUS AUNT!