Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Maid of Spade

Ladies, can we dish for a sec? I LOVE jewelry. It's just so puuuuurdy! Amiright?! I've only gotten a few pieces of jewelry that I've held on to for dear life over the years. There are the super amazing earrings Geo gave me before we were engaged one Christmas (in a jewelry box the size of a ring box, which was just a cruel, cruel trick.)

Oh, and there was a necklace that I bought my damn self from Kate Spade. It's a pair of binoculars on a gold chain called the "hang in there" necklace, which I bought when Geo moved away to Alabama. I bought it because it made me happy, and because it reminded me to "hang in there." And because it was just quirky enough to be the best necklace of all time.

But just in the past year or so, I've gotten a a couple of the most important pieces of jewelry ever. There was the engagement ring. Then the wedding ring. Two things I'll have forevs and forevs. And they are just so sparkly and amazing.

But this weekend, I got a couple more amazing pieces of jewelry. One was the penis necklace Padrin and Prinna bestowed upon me at the bachelorette party. It wasn't in a jewelry box, but you bes' believe I'll hang on to that gem.

And just before that, I got a piece of jewelry that DID come in a box and made me SO HAPPY that I cried when I opened it. It started with a card from my lovey, my BFF, my long-lost partner-in-crime, Madeline:
At first, I assumed it was a fun gift for me. That's the way things start working in your head before a wedding. Present? Card? Yup, it's for me. Yes, I KNOW it's messed up. I know that. But that's the way it can work. Anyways, so I see the fun card, assume it's all about me and open it up.

I read it like 3 times in the matter of 1 second before it hit me. Madeline was giving me the greatest/hardest/most honorable position in a girl's wedding: The Maid of HONOR. I screamed bloody murder and started bawling. I was shocked but I was so incredibly touched that she chose me for the job that I was seriously beside myself.

But back to the jewelry.

I had nearly forgotten that the card had been tucked inside a Kate Spade bag. I opened it up and found this guy:

It's the Bridesmaid Idiom Bracelet!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE! It's got all these perfect phrases to describe the two of us engraved on the outside, like "peas in a pod," "perfect pair," "two of a kind," "birds of a feather," "sidekicks" and whatnot. Then on the inside, it has "BEST FRIEND EVER" engraved. Well, I bawled all over again. In the midst of my worst, most self-centered thoughts, Madeline found a way to shake me loose and be all "Listen lady, it's totally about you. Right now. But then it's sometimes going to be about other people." It was the best reality check ever. And then she said the words every bride-to-be dreams of: "Don't worry, I won't ask you to do anything until after your wedding!!!" YAY!

I was explaining the bracelet to my pals later on at the bachelorette party, when Padrin goes "Ooooh, now you have to plan a bachelorette party." Yikes. Hope Madeline loves a bachelorette party with a bunch of girls in wigs and a pink party bus, 'cause I very well may just copy the one my sisters just threw me. I digress.

I'm super amazingly honored and touched and emotional by this jewelry. I mean, by this opportunity. It's such the best jewelry, I mean opportunity, and I really hope that I live up to the role.

Anyway, so clearly the way to my heart is with Kate Spade jewelry. Anyone want me to write about them in the blog? I am currently accepting gold Kate Spade jewelry to match my beautimous bracelet. :)

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