Monday, July 1, 2013


Geo and I had to take a trip to Crochester (a.k.a. Rochester) tonight. Geo seems hell-bent on moving there for the job he got at Mayo and is trying to convince me that I'll ALSO have to live there at some point. You know, because we're kind of committed to each other. Anyway, I've been doing an amazing job of living in denial that I may have to move away from my beloved Minneapolis, so the process of actually GOING there tonight was less than amazing.

I will spare you the details of my emotional roller coaster and seemingly endless supply of tears, and skip right to car ride back to my dear, sweet Minneapolis. Luckily, I documented the entire journey.

Here we are driving out of Crochester and into some place called Oronoco:

Pretty. And here we are making our way through the next city, Zumbrota:

Oooh, and he we are at about the halfway point in exotic Cannon Falls:

Now, don't be jealous, but we then were treated to luxurious Farmington (Or wait, maybe this is Rosemount? Inver Grove Heights? I literally took 3 pictures that look identical, and failed to label them properly.)

OMG. What is that? A HOUSE? Near the road!? We must have just entered the Minneapolis city limits!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we are! Back to my sweet baby love: Minneapolis. (This is obvs not the picture I took, but the one I have was way too dark because it was already night when we got home.)

I was so relieved to be back in the city. I can't explain it. I'm trying to be a grownup about this whole process, but so far, I'm pretty sure I hate it. I'm not going anywhere for at least another 2 months, but even the thought of being further than 5 minutes away from, like, 10 of my favorite people in the world makes me very, very bummed. And I'm pretty sure that Geo is starting to think my tear-filled proposals to live in separate cities for a couple years are not nearly as adorable as they used to be. 

But I digress. There are houses and town homes and apartments in Crochester and we looked at them and then, mercifully, we returned back to Minneapolis. And that was that. Now, back to staring blissfully out of my window at the city...


Anonymous said...

you will be with your beloved..who cares where you live...

JessiferSeabs said...

I agree with Anon above, but I also have to say that my ex of 5 years was from Crochfester (that's what we called it), and I've spent a ton of time there, and he also tried to get me to move there, and I laughed him out of the county. So... I'm sorry. I moved to Savage, and even that was hard for me and that is only 20 minutes from Southdale.

Kimberly said...

Love ya, Pharon

Pharon Square said...

Oh Anonymous...I'm sure you're right. But then again, I'm also a little sure that you don't love Minneapolis as much as I do.

Jess-The fact that you explained where Savage is based on it's proximity to Southdale makes me want to give you a hug.

Kim-Right back atcha! ;)