Tuesday, March 1, 2011

B Girl

FINALLY! It's MARCH. I'm so over February, it's not even funny you guys. For as long as I can remember, by the time St. Patty's Day rolls around, I've packed up my abominable snowman coat and can stagger around Irish bars in a thin jacket. I can only assume the same will be true for this March. Or else.

Anyhoozle, I'm also glad it's March because it's the greenest. I'm not talking "green" as in "earth-friendly". Blech. Dumb. I'm talking: green grass finally starts to show up, green rivers, clothes, and beer are acceptable - nay MANDATORY - and it's one of those awesome months when people who get paid every other week get THREE paychecks this month. Cha-ching! Thusly, it is one of my favorite months. I've been missing all that green lately.

Unfortunately, March is also the month for some big basketball tournament thingy, I'm told. Pretty sure basketball is the only sport I just canNOT get into. I can't. It's all backwards to me. The most exciting part of a basketball game is when someone DOESN'T score a point? Really? No, I like my athletes to EARN their points. Not just "miss". Dumb. Plus, much like The Bachelor, all that matters is the last 2 minutes of a basketball game. Snoozefest.

Having said all that, I went to the Timberwolves game with Geo tonight. The things I do for love... I was really planning on at least seeing a Kardashian sister or something, because we played the Lakers, and I thought "Hey, if I have to sit through a professional basketball game, I at least want to see someone famous". But twas not the case. I did get a good look at Kobe Bryant though. He's cute a good basketball player.

Now everyone's talking about March Madness. So, what, that's like a big college basketball tournament? FUN. My alma mater isn't even in the running to win anything. Why should I care? Whatever. I can't even muster the strength to focus on PROFESSIONAL basketball, nevermind COLLEGE basketball. I'm not looking forward to ESPN this month. And nothing is worse than Geo coming home at night and wanting to watch a basketball game. He's a big NBA fan. Big time. The problem is that the NBA plays like 12,000 games a season, apparently, so there's a lot of TV I'm trying to avoid. And Geo and his brother Jami are obsessed with the Miami Heat, because of Lebron James. So not only does Lebron play a sport I don't like, but he doesn't even play for MY TEAM. Color me uninterested.

But there was beer and fun little chants at the game tonight. Those are things I can really get behind. It was fun, actually. Of course the game itself came in a distant second to seeing my friend Ally there and talking to Geo about how cute the Lakers players are. I have a feeling Geo won't be bringing me to the next basketball game he goes to.

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