Sunday, August 25, 2013

Where Am I?

I thought living in two different places for a little while would be so very cosmopolitan. You know, Geo and I would have one place in Rochester and another place in the city? I was expecting it to be all fun and snobby to be one of those people, you know? Well surprise, surprise, Pharon was wrong.

Turns out, living in two places at once blows. I thought I'd be able to have my cake (supporting Geo in Rochester) and eat it too (without having to leave Minneapolis). See, I have my Minneapolis apartment through September. Until then, I was all "OMG, it'll be so cute. I'll stay in the city a couple nights a week so I can still be close to family and happy hours and work, and then I'll go to Rochester for the rest of the week to be with Geo. What could go wrong?"

This was the first week of that experiment. Geo went back to Roch Sunday evening. Then on Wednesday, I packed a bag and some boxes of crap and headed over there after work. It was actually more pleasant than I had expected, and it kind of hit me how much I miss Geo. When I got there, Geo had gotten me flowers and had some of our new wedding gifts set up and it was all so awesome. But it was definitely missing a woman's touch.

For instance, there was no toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom. None. And also not soap, hand towels or cool picture of a cat coming out of a pail of sudsy water. For breakfast and lunch for two days (before I finally was able to find and drive to a grocery store without getting lost), I had to choose between old pizza, mac n cheese, pretzel rods, animal crackers, Coke and PB sandwiches on the whitest bread of all time. Eating in a boy's kitchen is no place for a girl who has taken zero steps towards losing the 25 pounds she gained on her honeymoon.

But after I set a few things up and got some carrot sticks in the refrigerator, it started to feel really good. (As did the central air conditioning and being able to walk across the room without running into a pile of garbage or a person.) As soon as I started to kind of feel okay with being sooooooooooo far away from civilization though, it was time to come back for my City Life. I repacked a bag and drove back to my apartment, missing Geo already.

When I was in Rochester, I realized I didn't have have proper towels or drinking glasses or a pizza cutter or my iPhone charger. Now that I'm back home with all that stuff, I realize I don't have any new wedding presents, a washer and dryer, a garage or my husband. So, it's pretty obnoxious.

I feel like I'm living two different lives. One is in the city and the other is in a different city just like 75 miles south of the other. It's a little sucky and disjointed to be living this way. I don't know how people who have secret families do it. But, we'll see how it goes. I'll keep shuffling around and trying to figure out where I am on any given day.

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