Monday, August 5, 2013


This just in: I have 6 kinds of cheese in my fridge.

I like the fact that I had the time to realize that tonight. I like that some things are still the same and I had longer than 7 minutes in my apartment to take a gander into my fridge. But back to the real issue:

Six cheeses.

I think that's too many. And it's not even like they are each different kinds of fancy cheeses. It's American, shredded low-fat Sharp Cheddar, shredded low-fat Italian mix, shredded low-fat Mild Cheddar, expired cottage cheese (it counts!) and something green that I can only assume WAS provolone cheese at some point. I need to clean out my fridge.

I have neglected my fridge like a Kardashian would neglect an ugly child. Tonight, for dinner I had 2 pinches of the non-expired cheeses paired with a lovely near-rotten pickle. Please call for reservations.

Okay, that's all tonight. I have old food and terrible eating habits. Nothing to see here...

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