Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weeee!! Threeeee!!!

You guys!? UM...HELLO?! It's Pharon Square's third birthday!!!! Hooray!!! I will assume your gifts are in the mail...

So, last year, I'm sure you'll remember that I threw a totally amazing birthday party for my blog. This year, I had a different approach. See, I've been neglecting my blog over the past year. I've been too focused on myself and the dumb wedding that I've completely ignored the blog on some nights. I've hurt my blog's pheelings by only thinking about myself, making my blog feel unimportant, and like my blog was nothing more than a hassle. I know my blog has really been pheeling sad about it, so I wanted recommit myself by treating my blog like it should be treated.

It's a spa birthday party!

First, we had a delicious and healthy spinach salad to start of the luxurious day of pampering:

Then we had crisp and refreshing cocktail:
I could already tell my blog was starting to relax and forgive me. My blog even made a clever joke about binary code during the manicure:
We decided to get a little crazy and go for a total makeover when it came to the hair. It was supposed to just be a trim and blowout, but it ended up like this:
I loved it. It's bold and fun and brave, just like my blog. Anywho, in between services, my blog and I flipped through some gossip mags:
And then it was time for the massages!
My blog was so tense! All that stress and anxiety has really taken a toll on my blog! After the massage, my blog was even more relaxed. But then my blog got MORE relaxed:
Now, the one thing I neglected to do was get my blog a birthday cake. We're trying to watch our girlish figure in this house, so I had to improvise:
Yay! A Bagel Thin with fake candles in it and a tube of icing!!! What's better than THAT!? It really seemed as though my blog had forgiven me for how neglectful I have been. Especially after:

So I'm pretty sure we'll all good now! Plus, my blog met someone as she left the salon, so I'm pretty sure that my efforts to throw a bada$$ third birthday paid off in a major way.
Happy birthday, Pharon Square! 

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