Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tree's a crowd

I have to write this from my iPhone because I simply do not have the strength to pick up my computer. So this post will be short and probs full of typos.

Why am I so drained? I'm glad you asked. 

So my brother had some problems this weekend. We had a huge storm in the Cities on Friday night (which, thankfully, Geo and I missed because we were in exotic South Dakota for a wedding) and loads of super huge trees were blown down. Like, roots the size of, uh, giant roots were ripped from the ground. Foundations of garages peeled out of the ground. Cars were smashed. 

And two of these trees - count 'em TWO - fell onto my brothers property. (And yes, this is the same brother who had his house broken into. I'm bringing over one of those smudge sticks to clear out the bad juju from that place.)

So tonight Geo and I went over to help clean up. We met my brother-in-law, my other brother and my parents at the center of the earth, a.k.a. my brother's house. Here they are in the front yard:
YIKES. Here's what I THINK is their back yard:

So we showed up today and helped clear some stuff out. My expectations were low. I am lazy and showed up wearing white and cropped yoga pants. And I kept being terrified that a bat or a rat or, like, a troll was going to pop out of the downed branches. But we all worked our butts off. Proof:
And finally we ended up with this:
The tree in their back yard was all chopped up and dragged out. We were all hot and gross and cut up from carrying the branches. 

Plus I was really trying to show off for the guys so I ended up carrying pieces that were WAYYYY too heavy for me. My wrists are all sliced up from the bark and I look like I need to check myself into some sort of psych ward. 

But? We did it! Hooray!! Yay for us! Lets celebrate! Zzzzzzz...

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