Sunday, February 20, 2011

Control Issues

Another weekend, another ridiculous snow storm in Minnesota. Juuuuuuuust great. I was all "Spring Fever, baby!! Time to put away the turtlenecks and bust out the strappy sandals! When do the Farmer's Markets start again?!" Blurg. Wrong again, Pharon. Wrong again.

In between fits of cursing the weather while curled up with my spring dresses and flip flops and crying, I tried to warm my frigid bones by shopping. On Saturday, I went out to the mall with my sisters and my 11 year-old niece Rachel. I had like a long list of necessities that I was on the hunt for: a grey sweater, a pair of sunglasses, a new bag, red lipstick that doesn't make me look like a lady of the evening, and possibly a nice, structured, perfect little black dress. Turns out, I was feeling very Audrey Hepburn-y for some reason.

Anyway, I did not get any of those things. I DID, however, find a silver sequined scarf at Limited Too. Yes, a child's clothing store. Uhhhh...Right. I bought one for me and one for Rachel because it's less weird to buy sequined clothes at a store for girls under 13 years-old if you also buy one for your niece, right? Guh...that's so NOT Audrey Hepburn.

Today, though, I braved the wintry storm to go out shopping and found a super cute bag and the red lipstick I wanted (after I got home and tried out the lipstick, Geo saw me and said "Oh. So. That's new. You don't usually wear lipstick. You look, um, like, really dressed up in your sweatpants." Nice.) So I at least got THAT accomplished, I guess.

See, the big plan was to treat myself because I was under the impression that I had somehow made a bunch of extra money this weekend. I went to Bingo with Kim and Claire on Friday night - where I did NOT win - and last night someone wanted to buy my Wii that I listed on Craigslist - who did NOT end up buying it - and I finally got the last form I needed to file my taxes - which I didn't end up doing, what with all the time I spent shopping. Whoops. Talk about putting the cart before the horse...

Okay, so my priorities were all messed up this weekend. What can ya do? I'm surprised I was able to reign myself in as much as I did though. I did NOT buy a knit wool winter hat at Len Druskin because I told myself winter was over, and I only bought 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, both of which I've already eaten. I'm proud of my self-restraint, though. With the shopping, I mean. Not with the cookies. That was just crazy. Geo went to open one of the boxes and said "Where did all the cookies go?" I wiped the crumbs from my face and mumbled "Don't judge me." He shook his head and sighed "Too late."

So what? I ate a couple boxes of cookies, but I ALSO ate a salad and raspberries which totally balances that out. And yes, I bought a sequined scarf I totally don't need, but I kind of HAD to because then Rachel and I could match and it's adorable when a grown up matches a pre-teen, right? I thought so.

Well, I did an okay job controlling myself this weekend and not doing anything too crazy. It would be way better if I could also control the weather, though. Stay warm and safe out there this week!

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