Monday, April 22, 2013


Okay, so a few months ago, Geo and I each took a Scantron test that promised to tell us whether or not we'd be a good couple, according to a bunch of researchers. It's a process that a lot of people go through who are getting married in a church, I guess.

Yeah, so that was months ago. Since then, I've had 11 nervous breakdowns, I've called the wedding off about 3 times, I've tried exercising and the number of times I've cried on the phone with Geo is probably well over 50. So you can imagine how nervous I was to go to a meeting at the church and meet with a pastor to discuss...dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun!...the results of the Scantron test Geo and I took. We conferenced in Geo via Skype and I braced myself.

I was ready to hear that I was overbearing. Ready to hear that I overreact, take things too personally, can't deal with criticism, try to micromanage emotions, am never satisfied, am irrational, and on and on. I was seriously nervous.

Instead, I heard that Geo and I are in a pretty amazing relationship. Not like I didn't know that already, but it helps when God basically confirms it. I've been apart from Geo so long and have been dealing with so many details with the wedding, that I had essentially forgotten how it felt to just be a normal, perfect couple. We communicate well. We like each other. We like each other's friends. We like each other's family.  We trust each other. We have the same values.

According to the test, we are "vitalized". Meaning: Frickin' awesome together.

On the one hand, it made me miss Geo more than I've missed him in a long time. A dude that cool? Ah man, I wish I could hang out with him! On the other hand, we're cool with it because we also respect each other's ability to be independent. Yeah. WE'RE THAT COOL.

It got me wondering, though. There I was, waiting for some bad news about how ill-equipped we are for marriage, and glad to be totally pleased with the results. But what if there really WAS bad news? What if the test was all "Um, YIKES." And then the pastor stamps a big ol' DIVORCE INEVITABLE on our paperwork as he runs through our answers to the test and asks us over and over if we've actually even met each other. There have GOT to be some people who are NOT vitalized. Some who are in the "Is this just for a green card? Witness protection? Dare? Vegas?" category.

Well, all I know is that Geo and I are peaches and cream. Guaranteed never to fight or get mad or disagree. Right? I mean, that IS how these test results work, right? Vitalized!

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