Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Girl Code

Okay, so I know I'm not breaking any news here, but MTV is full of hot garbage. As a channel, MTV very well may be ruining more lives than Chris Brown and there is almost nothing on that channel that I'll watch. Except Jersey Shore which, I don't care what you say, is great. All they do is basically recycle mediocre entertainment that ran for a few eps during Spring Break but add more frat guys, gay men or tiny-shouldered women with eating and/or daddy issues.

Whatever happened to the quality entertainment provided by Carson Daly and his casual jackets on TRL? Or the actually interesting people on Real World back before the house hot tubs just CAME with herpes already in it? Oh, and what, are we just not going to talk about Cribs going off the air? What gives?

Anyway, so besides JWoww and Pauly D (oh, and the Ke$ha mini series which I haven't seen yet but will refuse to hate), nothing good has come from MTV as far as I'm concerned. And because I've had cable for nearly a month now, I will go ahead and consider myself an expert in quality entertainment.

But THEN. Tonight, I saw a show called Girl Code which apparently premiered tonight. I started watching it because the remote was lodged between the cushions of the couch next to two mismatched socks and an empty Lean Cuisine container and I couldn't be bothered to reach for it. Never before have I been so pleased with my laziness!

Guys? Girl Code is actually good! There are FUNNY females on there who actually GET what's funny about chicks. Kind of like little Tina Fey's for the ME ME ME Generation. All it is, really, is a bunch of women commenting on the funny/strange/annoying things that make females so wonderfully beautiful/neurotic/hilarious. Tonight, they talked about crushes, bread, boobs, roommates, and other things that girls seem to have very strong opinions on (see? It's NOT just me!) and it was really very entertaining. It's hard to explain, but I was very surprised by the fact that I laughed AND was like "Ha! I totally agree with that!" It was refreshing.

I used to watch the counterpart (and original version) of the girl show but it was called Guy Code. And that too was entertaining, but at this point, who DOESN'T understand why guys love video games or doesn't do laundry? Guh. New topic, please.

So okay, your homework is to try and catch a replay of the Girl Code show. It shouldn't be hard. MTV replays shows 148,000 times every week, but you may have to wade through a Teen Mom 2 marathon or old True Life episodes that no one really cares about (i.e. True Life: I'm Dating a Mama's Boy. What? I remember when it was like True Life: I Have Tourettes and am in a Polyamorous Relationship. That was the shizz.) So yeah, give it a shot and let me know if I'm way off when I say that it is the most entertaining thing on the least entertaining network ever (besides, of course, the E! network which may as well be called "Listen, all we've got are the Kardashians because they scared everyone else away from us so that's all we can give you. Forever.)

Anyway, maybe it's because they talked about bread on the first episode, or maybe it's the fact that Nicole (one of the girls on the show) made me LOL no fewer than 3 times, but I have finally found something on MTV that is relevant to an audience that does not use Proactive.

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