Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Gotta Say It Was a Good Day

If Facebook only existed so that people could wish other people a happy birthday, I'd be satisfied. All day long, my phone was chirping with totally awesome birthday posts on my wall. Total ego boost! I have the best family and friends ever...seriously. They are the cookie layer in my ice cream cake.

Okay, so because I'm exhausted this is going to be a quickie. The birthday extravaganza really got kicked off when an almost obnoxiously large cookie bouquet arrived at my desk at work. My parents definitely know me well enough to send birthday cookies. Flowers are too hard to transport, and fruit is, well, FRUIT. But cookies? YUM! And they were snickerdoodles to boot. I challenge you to find someone who doesn't appreciate a good 'doodle.

When I got home from work, a bouquet of the most gorgeous roses from my friends Kelly and Nic were waiting for me. And while I was arranging them in a vase, Geo handed me a present. Yes, it looked like a 5 year-old wrapped it. But inside was the watch I've been drooling over for literally 3 years. Black strap, black face, military-style, with diamonds around the face. It's a great balance of masculinity and femininity. Just like a certain blogger I know...

So do you remember how I had been such a brat about dining at Olive Garden? Well bless my parents' souls! Geo started driving in an odd direction, and after I berated him a little for going the wrong way, we pulled up to the Edina Country Club (we used to be members there when we were little). I LOVE that place! The wine was great, the food was delicious, and the company was bombtacular. Not only was it both my brothers, my parents, and Geo, but my sister Padrin came in to town from Iowa to surprise me! I was shocked! It took me a second to realize what was happening. Surprise restaurant AND surprise sister? Yes please! The only downer was that my other sister Prinna is currently on bed rest, taking care of that fetus in her tummy. I wish she could have been there with us, but I SUPPOSE she had a good reason to miss it... :)

So, while we were waiting for our food, I opened some gifts. Padrin's surprise trip was WELL WORTH IT. I opened her gift, and it was an ACTUAL AMISH BONNET! And there was an Amish potholder and book as well. Needless to say, my Halloween costume has now changed. No longer will I be Snooki. I'm going as an Amish girl on her RUMSPRINGA! As if to restore the balance of the day, I was brought back to the twenty-first century when I opened a Kindle and Kate-Spade-green cover from my parents. I've wanted a Kindle for forever. As soon as I'm done here, I'll be purchasing an ugly amount of books on Amazon (for which I ALSO got gift certificates from my parents and Prinna).

I took the day off tomorrow, so in the morning, I'll hop on in to Caribou with my gift card from Peter, and bum around in my new Vikings tshirt and sweatpants (also from my parents). I'm gonna carve my pumpkin and make disgustingly salty pumpkin seeds, finalize my new and improved costume, and just generally enjoy the first day of my new, elderly life. So far, it ain't half bad! And if today's success is a sign of what's in store for the year, I'm definitely psyched.

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes, the (probably) empty promises of a free drink in the future, and overall awesomeness. I feel like the luckiest girl - woman? - ever. I'm ready and eager to take on the next year. And with friends and family like the ones I've got, I'm sure it's going to be an awesome ride. And trust me: I'll be telling you allllllll about it.

Have a great weekend!


Grandmaman said...

That was a HAPPY blog!

sarahabt said...


s p o i l e d !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!