Thursday, June 24, 2010

Being an adult means making tough choices...

Tonight I am confronted with one of human’s hardest decisions. Many legendary women have no doubt stood in my shoes before. Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa, Marie Curie…I even imagine Michelle Obama, standing at her window, contemplating this great decision.

Should I, or should I not, go out on a week night?

Surely I can’t be the only woman in this difficult position. And I’m sure it all comes down to virtues, ethics, morals…you know, all that crap. But I made a chart:

Reasons for Staying In
* I will be well-rested for work tomorrow
* I may catch up on current events by watching recordings of The Soup
* I’ll save money
* I will maintain my status as a good, responsible woman

Reasons for Going Out
* I will work off all my pent up energy from the week, making sleep tonight deep and satisfying, which will, in turn, keep me more focused at work
* I will not waste a night sitting alone in front of the TV (plus, dancing burns calories)
* I will support local businesses with my hard-earned money
* I will maintain my status as a fun, outgoing woman

Hmmm…still a toss up. I need a tie-breaker. Will Edward Khil be there?
(Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste...)

Best song ever. Puts me in the mood to dance. Decision: Made.

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