Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I took this week off of work. Initially, I had scheduled this time to really nest my way into Rochester, but because we've already been here for like two months, there are very few nesting opportunities that have not already been tackled. So this week has been...not productive.

On Monday, I spent the day laughing at Tina Fey's "Bossypants" audiobook on my 100-hour drive back from Chicago. But after that, I had nothing planned. Nothing. Zip. And now, I'm halfway through my big week off, and here's what I've accomplished:

* Took 2-hour naps after driving Geo to work in the mornings
* Painted my fingernails AND toenails at the same time, AND the same color AND without falling asleep and getting sheet marks on any of them
* Watched two movies
* Watched 6 episodes of "Law and Order: SVU" in a row
* Made an actual dinner (chili, cornbread and apple crumble)
* Bought ice cream...and then ate all the ice cream
* Measured a dress zipper to go buy a replacement zipper and learn to replace it. Only got as far as measuring it
* Checked the mail
* Hid from the UPS guy because I was laying on the floor in a t-shirt and one sock pretending to do crunches, but really just seeing if I could make a carpet angel
* Unpacked my china
* Put on a mud mask that I'm only SORT OF SURE was not past it's expiration date
* Went to the bank
* Bragged to the banker about my amazingly exciting staycation
* Got a videogame for Geo, but then he moved the XBox downstairs to play it, and now I can't play GTAV without walking down like 20 stairs, so I haven't seen it all week.
* Spent an entire afternoon without my phone because I couldn't find it (it was in the pocket of my sweatpants which I had ditched in an effort to complete the aforementioned crunches
* Tried to come up with some amazing blog topics...and failed

So, as you can see, it's been a suuuuuper rad week so far. Let's see if the rest of it lives up to these amazingly high expectations....

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